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diagramSolar Photovoltaics (PVs) are arrays of cells containing a material that converts solar radiation into direct current (DC) electricity, which can be used to power equipment or to recharge a battery. The first practical application of photovoltaics was to power orbiting satellites and other spacecraft, but today the majority of photovoltaic modules are used for grid connected power generation. In this case an inverter is required to convert the DC to AC.

There are two cell technologies that are prevalent in today’s market. They are referred to as monocrystalline and polycrystalline silicon. At eco NRG Solutions we offer both technologies, tailor made to meet personal requirements.

Solar cells that are created from monocrystalline (single crystal) technology are cut from a silicon boule that is grown from a single crystal, in other words a crystal that has grown in only one place or one direction. Single crystalline solar cells can be more expensive to manufacture and typically have a slightly higher efficiency than conventional polycrystalline cells, resulting in smaller individual cells and thus typically a slightly smaller module.

Solar cells that are created from polycrystalline (multicrystalline) technology are cut from a silicon boule that is grown from multifaceted crystalline material, a crystal that grows in multiple directions. Conventional multicrystalline solar cells typically have a slightly lower efficiency resulting in larger individual cells and thus typically a slightly larger module. All of this has changed with the advent of the new silicon nitride multicrystalline cells which are rated as high, or even higher, efficiency than similarly sized monocrystalline cells.

The cells can be installed in a variety of ways. Currently, the most popular method is the installation of solar electric modules. A solar module consists of an aluminium framed sheet of highly durable low reflective, tempered glass that has individual solar cells adhered to the inner glass surface. These individual solar cells are wired together in a parallel series configuration so as to obtain the necessary voltage and current.


At eco NRG Solutions our aim is to provide our customers with a personal and professional service using the very latest renewable energy technology. Our company is committed to honest and ethical business practices.

We offer a free, no obligation consultation and this is carried out by a qualified engineer. All of our consultants are friendly, informative and professional. We listen to customer needs and expectations and then discuss the best options available. All of our systems are tailor made to meet your exact personal requirements to ensure that the end product is both efficient and aesthetically pleasing.

To guarantee that your project runs smoothly, we will allocate you a personal project manager, who will work closely with you throughout the process and will be available to offer post-installation support.

On a Solar PV system, there will be an accredited electrician that will ensure the system is running safely and connected correctly to the grid. The electrician will also guide you through your completed system and answer any questions you might have.

  • We are constantly collaborating with manufacturers on an array of new technologies to improve efficiency and reduce costs.
  • We ensure that all of the products installed are manufactured to the highest quality, for the best results.
  • We do not recommend cheap products in order to maximise our profits and we are not tied to any particular manufacturer, so we are able to make use of all the best technologies in the market without obligation.
  • All of our installations are carried out by our very own fully trained, friendly and courteous staff.
  • We do not sub-contract out any work and we take pride in the end result thus ensuring minimal disruption and the removal of all debris from site.

The Benefits

  • 25 year warranty with no running costs
  • Guaranteed high quality
  • We make your property work for you
  • We provide a personal and professional service using the very latest renewable energy technology
  • Receive tax free income
  • An eco-friendly home can increase a property’s value
  • By having a system installed on your property you will reduce your electricity bills dramatically and in some instances get rid of them completely